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Live Private Personal Training

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Small-Group Personal Training

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Online Coaching

Private Personal Training

Stronger You offers private personal training services for those looking for direct exercise guidance and accountability.  All sessions are currently run through live video on Zoom.

Stronger You offers 30 & 60 minute sessions. Every program is built custom for each individual’s needs and requires an online or in-person consult to begin. Please contact us if you are interested in this service.

Small- Group Personal Training

Stronger You offers small-group personal training as a fun and supportive exercise environment for women.  Pre/Postnatal women are welcome to join these classes as they can be modified for your needs.

Please contact Stronger You as you may be able to join different groups that are already be running.  These classes run Tuesday & Saturday 9:30-10:30am and usually require a 10 week commitment.  All of these sessions are currently run on Zoom.

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Home Workout Programs/ Online Coaching

 Stronger You offers online coaching and home workout programs through an app.  This program works well for individuals that aren’t new to exercise and are looking for workouts to be completed on their own. Every program is built custom for each individual’s needs and requires an online or in-person consult to begin.

Our services include a weekly check-in, easy to follow home or gym workouts using our app and direct messaging with your trainer. Online personal training is a very effective long-term and affordable approach to exercise routines and progressive programs.



As a complimentary service family friendly recipes are sent weekly to the Stronger You Community.  These recipes have always been tried before they are shared and are quick, easy and contain minimal ingrediants.  Stronger You focuses on whole foods and clean ingrediants that are still absolutely delicious.  We pride ourselves on teaching a long-term approach to exercise and healthy eating.

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“Because of your flexibility and understanding of the individual needs of each client. No one program fits all, and the needs of a client can change all the time. Oh and the amazing results you help us achieve despite our sometimes many set backs.”

Courtney P.